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Reviews & News

The Constant Economy has been widely reviewed. In some, it has been enthusiastically welcomed (‘an environmentalists wet-dream!). In others it has been roundly trashed. Here are links to the main reviews, including the negatives.


Mary Maguire, Tribune Magazine
John Elkington, Resurgence

D.Murali, Business Line
Tim Congdon, The Spectator
McCarthy, The Independent

Roger Cox, The Scotsman
John Pontin, The Converging World
Caroline Lucas, The Guardian

Allister Heath, The Literary Review
Danny Forston, The Times
Steven King, Irish Examiner
Good Book Guide
Richard Mulligan, Oxford Times

Human Well-Beng and Economic Decision-Making, Archbishop of Canterbury, November 2009
Can a future global population of 9bn be fed?, Financial TImes, October 2009

'Zac will choose green agenda over Tory policy', The Independent, September 2009
Zac: 'I dont need to become a political automaton', The Guardian Interview, September 2009
'A bright Green Future beckons', Zac writes for the Evening Standard, September 2009
'Turning green into gold', The Times, September 2009
'Zac on Track', Prospect magazine, August 2009

Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop of Canterbury
website, November 2009
Jackie Ashley, The Guardian
, November 2009



Zac: Dealing with Climate Change

Proceeds from sales of the book will all go to Ecology Grants Ltd, which Zac set up to raise funds and distribute them to a wide range of cutting edge environmental campaigns.



I have enjoyed Zac Goldsmith's book, The Constant economy.  He suggests a multitude of mechanisms to help the planet to survive for another generation or two before we control our population or the four horsemen ride in to do it for us.

Norman Tebbit, The Times


The Constant Economy is a compelling read, and inspiring in its positive solution-orientated focus.

Caroline Lucas, The Guardian



Zac Goldsmith
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