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The Ten Steps

The Constant Economy is effectively a programme for action: a ten-point plan for turning Britain around and moving it in the right direction. It looks at the key environmental problems we face as a nation, and provides workable, practical solutions.

Put in place, they would help us achieve a constant economy; one where resources are valued, not wasted, where food is grown sustainably and goods are built to last. A system where energy security is based on the use of renewable sources, and where communities are valued as our greatest hedge against social, economic and environmental instability. They would deliver an economy that operates at the human scale, and above all that recognises nature’s limits.

Here are the ten steps, brutally summarised for the purpose of the web









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You cant fake the sort of detailed policy
expertise Goldsmith junior possesses, and is on display in this new book.

Michael McCarthy, The Independent



Some observers talk of a “Goldsmith veto” that if wielded carefully could be influential; a possibility strengthened by his ability to go to the media on issues he cares about, as he did during 2008 over debates on nuclear power

James Crabtree, Prospect Magazine



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